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Integration and Automation In 2008 12/28/2007
With another business year just around the corner, it’s time to consider what improvements your construction company could be making to ensure that 2008 will be a more productive year then 2007 (We all know we need a better year.) It's no secret that the construction industry has been on a downh...

Turn Leads into Sales! 12/28/2007
In the past construction companies have been able to rely on real estate agents and ongoing referrals to land bids and sell jobs. Few had to worry about generating, tracking or following up with their leads. The problem today is that many of the realtors have come and ...

CFO’s Find Value and Growing Pains in Manufacturing Execution System Solutions 8/22/2007
Hiring experienced estimators for some manufacturing companys is getting harder and harder and companies are finding that they are being forced to spend an inordinate amount of time developing estimators from within. One solution to this problem is implementing a "Manufacturing Execution System" which if implemented correctly will allow a company to systemize their estimating process and allow them to focus more on reducing costs and increasing margins; enabling the company to be more responsive to customers in terms making and keeping commitments, providing details, and delivering a job on time, on budget; and finally helping to take a lot of data and turn it to information to make better informed decisions.

Building an IT Foundation for a Sustainable Future 8/3/2005
By Greg Hunt and Steven Mulka, Microsoft Business Solutions (IT Observer) If you make business software decisions for an organization in the construction industry, or any of the industries closely affiliated with the construction industry, the future of your business can be summed up in one word:...

The New Frontier in Supply Chain Management 9/29/2004
by Samuel Greengard ( For several years, RFID tags have helped stores thwart theft of clothing and other items, but the technology's potential for streamlining the supply chain is just now garnering widespread attention. Companies in a wide range of industries -- including ...

Evaluating Construction Software Without Getting Burned 9/4/2002
The Devil is in the Details by CBC Staff, with Farid W. Saddik [Construction Business Computing] The following article is a 2 part series. Part 1 discusses general criteria to be used in the process of selecting accounting software and Part 2 discusses the evaluation process step-by-step. Part...

Construction Industry Software Overview 8/7/2002
By Kurt Koenig This weeks feature article takes an in-depth look at software applications targeted at construction companies. The article is actually a two part article in PDF format and was originally published late 2001 in The Project Manager, the journal of the Association for Project Manager...

Integrated Estimating & Accounting Systems 2/18/2002
By Dan Levine, CPA Knowledge Partners, Inc. Overview When it comes to Construction Financial Management (CFM), developers and contractors typically fall into one of two groups--(1) those that consistently know where they stand with regard to job profitability and cas...

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