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Company Background, System Requirements & Business Needs

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General Ledger Payroll
Accounts Payable Point-of-Sale
Accounts Receivable Purchase Orders
Cash Management Time & Billing
Budgeting Sales Analysis
Sales Order Entry Report Writer
Fixed Assets
Inventory Control

Special vertical/industry function requirements...
Client Write-Up Property Management
Customer Relationship Management Project Management
E-Commerce Sales Force Automation
Foreign Currency Conversion Work Order Management
Job Cost/Construction Document Management
Service Management Warehouse Management
Practice Management/Billing Human Resource Management
Medical Billing Income Tax Preparation

Other modules, functionality and information...
Please elaborate and/or provide any additional information not addressed above regarding
the functionality and business requirements of the system.

Hardware and Operating System Preferences...

Are you planning on purchasing new hardware: *
Preferred "Client" operating system:
Preferred "Server" operating system:
Preferred "Database" management system:

Licensing requirements...
Many accounting systems are priced based on the number of "concurrent users",
meaning the total number of users that may be using the systems at the same time.

Concurrent Users: * 

Step 2...
Additional Project Information...

Tell us a little more about your current environment and your expectations for this project.

Current Accounting System... *

      If yes, please specify what software system:

Software Being Considered ...  *

     If yes, please list those products that you are currently evaluating and/or have already considered: 
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Software To Exclude...
If there are any products that you are familiar with and you wish to exclude from consideration,
please list them here.

Other Important Software Used...
Tell us about other important software that you use in your business.

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Contact Information

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