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General Overview of Time and Billing Software
What is Time and Billing Software?
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General Overview

What is Time and Billing Software?
Time and billing software
is software that allows its users to record time spent on tasks and also incorprates automatic invoicing and bill preparation based on the time entered. This software is used by many industries, typically those employing hourly workers or who perform labor driven services such as professionals who bill their customers by the hour, including lawyers and accountants. The time tracking features are essentially an electronic version of the traditional paper timesheet. Many time and billing solutions also offer complete workforce management packages that include time and attendance, scheduling, absence management, human resources, payroll, talent management, and labor Analytics. Most ERP and full GL accounting systems have some type of time and billing built into their systems but often times companies will seek out a thrid party solution that better meets their vertical needs and integrate the software into their existing accounting system. Most time and billing systems offer some level of built in integtration to most of the major accounting systems available on the market.


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  Abak 360
  BQE Core
  Clockwise Time & Attendance

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